Sunday, March 9, 2008

Faux Finishing

Nothing like the power of Faux. My personal favorite, venecian plaster. It is a great way to cover hard to remove wallpaper and looks great in niches and accent walls. All of these techniques are offered by Fuller Interior and start at around $2 a square foot. Keep in mind, to achieve the detail shown, you mush have walls that are not textured. Some techniques will still work, but will not be as visable. I recommend that if you want the look of faux and you are not an experienced painter, hire this one out!

Faux Venician
This is the venician plaster offered in a can (about $40 a gallon) at your hardware store. I do like the look, but it is major work! Lots of steps...It has to be applied twice and then burnished. However, if you like the look of plaster, but you still want a perfectly smooth wall, this may be the solution for you. It has a smaller selection of colors and can be achieved on any wall. This will cost you about 15 times more in supplies than the "real venecian" finish.

Sponging On
One of the first to appear on the "faux finishing" block. There are some seriously BAD sponging jobs out there. I only recommend it if it is done in the right colors, very close one color wheel. This is great for someone who wants a faux finish on a budget. It is one of the cheaper for me to do and can be accomplished on those textured walls!
Sponging Off
Even better than the sponging on. It is more softer and more subtle.

I love this finish! I would not recommend it, however, for high-traffic areas that need frequent washing. It is most beautiful on walls without texture, but I have it in my textured office at hojme and it still looks good.

Ragging On
This finish could be considered a little outdated, but once again, if done in the right colors - it still can work for you. The great thing about this finish is that it can be done on any surface.

Ragging Off:
This is a great option for you if you like the ragging, but you need it more subdued. This also can be applied anywhere, but the steps are just applied backwards, using the darker color first.

Can also look like leather if done in the proper colors. This is done with plastic sheets. Again, recommended for flat surface walls, but will also work on texture.
Must be applied to texture free walls usually found in kitchens or bathrooms. One of my favorites that offers a really clean modern look. Any color combonation. You can drag both ways to achieve a "linen" look.

Great on furniture, old frames, mantels, and moldings. Can be done in any color with choices of gold, silver, bronze, black, or brown.

Color Washing w/ Texture
This pattern can be done on any wall, but looks best on flat surface. Dang it, the best one's do! An X pattern is used to get this look, as opposed to other types of coloring washing. Great above or below chair moldings where you want to keep the color pallete the same, but desire a little variation.

Color Washing - Cloud
Perfect for those kids rooms ceilings.

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