Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Froggys for BOYS & GIRLS!

Time for the little guy to graduate from mom and dad's room, to his own...except, he has to share this room with his older sister. How can we combine this little guys new pad with sis?

I started by finding a theme that was not gender specific. FROGS! So, for color, we needed something with some green in it. I found a bedding set at target for sister, that had green, brown, and blue polka dots. Pretty easy to find a neutral brown crib set to match.

For an easy way to use 2 colors in a room, without a chair rail or accent wall, use ribbon to divide the color as done here...I use thumb tacks to hold the ribbon up. If you look, there are actually thumbtacks with some style at the stores! You can go all kinds of crazy!

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