Friday, September 25, 2009

Baboria Secret...

I am trying to get a lot better about taking my pictures on the first consult. I always forget! So by the time I get to it, we have already moved furniture and are ready to go. I don't remember the color names in this room. A good key to go by when picking pastels is to make sure that the color looks a bit muted on the palette. For pink, it should look like it has milk in it. If not, you are going to end up with an easter egg bedroom. When that color gets on the walls, each wall will reflect off on another. The color will be brighter.

This room was done in Fall of 2008. My client had the bedding custom made, so we just went from there. It was necessary to paint the ceiling in this room because pink just doesn't look good with "builder paint", which usually is in the beige family. Just something to keep in mind if you are doing purples/pinks. Blues and greens in kids rooms seem to work okay with it. You may also consider just painting the ceiling white. Either way. But I love color, so we took the pink all the way in here.
Stripes are tricky on textured walls, but not impossible. There are a few tips if you are trying to get that perfect line on a texture. I use clear caulk along the edge of the tap. You can do this on a bull nose edge, or to make a shape. I only recommend doing it if you are pretty committed to the design though. Once it is there, it will need to be lightly sanded before repainting it, otherwise it will leave a line where the stripe/shape previously was.

Obviously, the client had not put her baby's pics in yet, but we got them hung. Always fun to use ribbon and knobs to hang your pictures. You can find knobs like this everywhere, but I got these at Hobby Lobby. Just make the whole and screw the knob straight into the wall. I use an upholstery gun to staple my ribbon to the backs of the picture frames. I also prefer a wired ribbon so that I can shape the bows.
I bought this vinyl at Target on clearance. I have noticed thought that Kohls, Hobby Lobby, and Target are carrying them now. So, you may not have to wait for it to come in the mail, unless you need something very specific. But for $7, this got the point across. We had a budget after all. I added this princess crown Christmas ornament to accent it. Think outside of the box.
These letters were actually purchased at Babies R Us by the nanny of the baby, so we used them. I believe that they were around $6 a piece. You can also make your own in your own colors by using scrap book paper and decoupage. You can do this for around $2 a letter and customize your colors. It is actually really easy and fun.

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