Friday, September 25, 2009

Princess Getaway

This little girls room was complete in Fall of 2008. Her mom had painted it a nice pink, but then stopped when it came time to cut in. I have a lot of clients that do this. It is hard when you are dealing with a textures that goes from the walls right to the ceiling. Basically, your choices to get that perfect line is to caulk around the ceiling or use a sureline. I prefer the sureline method. This is a tool that you can buy at your hardware store. It is a bit tricky to learn to use it, but once you have it down, it is a lifesaver!

We decided to savor the moment and instead of just cutting in to the ceiling, we thought we would add a scallop. I did this by using contact paper and cutting out my shape. In between each scallop, there is a rhinestone that I stuck on with sticky tack. You can't really see it in the picture, but it turned out so cute!
I also found this amazing velour print, cheap, at the fabric store. I had to find some way to incorporate it. So I made a "princess cornice". You can purchase these on the Internet for around $300. They are round and a little cuter than mine, especially since it only cost me about $15 to create. I just bought a prefab shelf from Michael's. They also sell wood accents, lattice and stuff that you can glue right on the front of the shelf. Then I used my upholstery gun and stapled my fabric right onto the shelf. Hang that baby upside down, and you have yourself a cornice. I lined the fabric with a striped pink/white material. It was low cost and super soft, since it is right by her bed. You can even find a little trim and add as well, I used little balls on the edges. I wouldn't recommend this on things you plan on washing, but hopefully this wont have to EVER be washed.
She had this fun architectural detail in the corner of her room. I decided to use a light gauzy fabric to hang from hooks in the ceiling. She can close this off and play dress up in there. Then when she gets a little older, maybe put a bean bag in there and make a cool little reading nook. We all love nooks cuz they are so cozy, right? I found a little chandelier at Hobby Lobby for $25. Then I went through her closet and found some cute little dress up clothes to hang in there. Total cost for this nook was around $65 - no sewing required.
Use your left over fabric. It is amazing what you can think to do with it. I used hers to make a little boxed valance. Really simple with cheap (thick) curtain hardware (that you don't even see) and some staples. Use that staple gun too! It has a role in some of my best tricks. I also added a little trim and ribbon. You really can't go wrong.
Other than the pictures to the left, we found these other accessories mixed in with toys and stuff in her closet. Just mix it up. It can be very colorful and bold in a kids room. The whole idea is to give them a space to call their own. Somewhere they can hang out and be comfy. What better than to surround them with things that they love, mixed with a little things that you can live with, right?

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