Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bathroom Tile

So I just finished a tile job in my own house. I have done it for other people as well and have decided to stick to things that I really specialize in. But for myself, I hold a different standard. I love bathrooms that are tiled floor to ceiling. Love, love, love them! For cost reasons, I didn't go all the way up, plus it is just dang hard; but I got the look that I was going for.

I started this tiling job several months ago, but kept getting too busy with other peoples homes, so it got put on the back burner for a while. I have decided since that I really like the glass tiles as well. They are far more contemporary, and may have not gone with the rest of my house had I done all glass tile in here. Here are some ideas if you are thinking of doing this in your place.



Glass subway style tiles (small/large mixed)
Glass subway and square mosaics mixed - this would cost a fortune!
How fun is this? I have never see these tiles stocked anywhere, but love them.
Subway Mosaics
Can't really mess up with these! Pretty sporadic...easy to lay.
This is a natural stone, not sure what kind. More traditional, but still like it a lot.
Travertine? Possibly. Very clean look.
Very Mediterranean. Love the tile in the niches.

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