Sunday, September 27, 2009

DIY Headboards

Do you find that by the time you have furnished your house, that the bedroom (which is usually seen by you and maybe 1 other :) ) comes last? I have made several homemade headboards in the past and thought it would be a great idea to post some ideas for you. I didn't personally do any of these, but love them and thought it would be fun to share.

Antiqued Shutter Headboard
...garage sale? you can find old shutters anywhere. if you want them antiqued like this and they are not, just paint, sand around the edges, and add a little glaze or stain when you are done w/ a rag. that antiques right up!
Asian Influenced Headboard
...looks like a sheet of mdf primed and painted w/ a design
Mantel Headboard
...old mantel purchased at antique store?

Wood Headboard
...make your pattern and cut your wood with jigsaw, or depending on how detailed a dremel...i would use a piece of cardboard for your stencil so that you can get it even on each side...

Blocked Headboard
...this wood is a much higher quality than mdf, probably $50 a sheet...but still very dramatic for the price... i can't wait to do this somewhere!

Painted Headboard could even use left over paint from your walls and lighten it w/ white to save money...
Princess Headboard
...this is a vinyl sticker sold at Lowes, way easy!
Fabric Headboard
...get some mdf and cover it with batting and to have that handy upholstery gun again! its the best... Striped Canvas Headboard
...not sure, but this looks to me like canvas can even make your own by using wood and making a box, then covering it with whatever fabric you want! you could do 3 coordinating fabrics for extra cute would that be?

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