Sunday, September 27, 2009

High School Musical

This room is a great example of "bang for you buck!" It really depends on the time of year, but sometimes you can really get great bargains on bedding and accessories. The best time I have found is Fall and Spring. Most of this was purchased at Target on clearance from the "back to school" stuff. As you an see in the before pic, we started with a very clean slate.

I wanted to use the closet (in pink) to use as an accent wall. But to make sure that it didn't seem unbalanced, I needed to think of a way to bring the color to balance out the rest of the room. So I did color blocks around the wall hangings. It is pretty easy to do with a level, tape, and caulk. I also bought some wooden stars from Michael's and painted them with craft paint in the colors from the accessories. I used sticky tack to hang them on the wall to avoid making too many holes. We used the old wood letters that she had and sprayed them white. Then got that handy staple gun out and stapled matching ribbon on the back for hanging.

Another hint for kids rooms is to not get TOO thematic. They do go through their fazes and you want a solid bases for their room that they will not tire of too quickly. I always avoid buying character bedding. It feels like cardboard, what is the thread count, like 25? So stick to good linens and accessorise with some of the favorites. That way it is more cost effective to change it out when they decide, like my daughters, that High School Musical is "So last year!"

Where did our $300 go?

$20 chalk board/bulletin board
$10 HSM framed poster (blockbuster)
$16 2 HSM lamps (Target)
$10 Fabric for nook curtain (Target)
$6 Tension Rod
$25 Throw/Pillow
$30 Bedding (BB&B)
$20 Body pillow w/ cover (Target)
$75 Paint and Supplies
$30 Curtains
$5 Star/Paint/Ribbon
$40 Shelves (not shown)
$8 Hat boxes (TJMax)

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