Monday, October 12, 2009

Black n White with a SPLASH!

I redid my dining room in my own home this last month. My vision was to use a black/gray/white pallette and accent with my favorite greens. I also wanted to use silver in a bunch of places, so I painted my red ceiling silver. Its very strange, because this was just my vision, I didn't think that I got the "idea" from anywhere, until I searched the internet. WOW...these type of rooms are everywhere. I guess I am not that unique afterall. It is amazing that your brain is always taking in your surroundings, because I must have picked this up from somewhere. Anyways, thought I would share the pics. Maybe one will inspire you!

By the way - I really need to invest in a good camera. The green in this room is very bright, but not so much in the pictures. You might just have to use your imagination today :) And in comparison to the rest of these rooms, they put mine to shame. But it is a more realistic view of what yours might look like. Most of these rooms below probably had a budget of around $15-20k, mine is old funiture restored off Ebay, and I probably spent a total of $600 combined with paint/furniture/accessories...

Dining Room "BEFORE (in 2007)"

Dining Room "AFTER"

Other Room Ideas...

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Steve said...

Nice job Candice! You creativity inspires many. Can't wait to see more.