Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grey with a Splash of "Yella"

I am getting my decorating boots back on. I have recently moved from Austin to the Pacific Northwest and have spent most of the summer unpacking and painting my own house. But I am ready to go! So its time to start really looking around to see whats going on in the decorating world!
My new favorite - grey and yellow. I actually walked through a model home before I left Austin in which they had done the whole entire house in this pallette. It was beautiful! Sounds strange, I know. I wish now that I would have taken pictures. I guess we will have to depend on these web pics to help me describe the awesome-ness of these to colors together. If you need a good yellow or grey color to paint with, leave a comment, I would be happy to give you a couple options. Keep in mind that yellow is very difficult to choose! It can really come out all wrong...

I am actually working on a model apartment right now in which I am using these colors to update existing pieces. Check back in a few days for those postings!

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100 Percent Cottam said...

i was coming over to comment on the gray & yellow bedding in the above post & then saw this one...LOVE the combo. so fabulous. excellent work, as always! :)